Board Policy Positions

The Public Policy Advisory Committee (PPAC) is a standing committee of Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council (CBHC) established by the Board of Directors (the Board) and authorized to identify, develop, record, and communicate CBHC’s positions on public policy issues pertaining to behavioral health. This scope of work may include:

  • Identifying public policy issues that have the potential to directly impact CBHC member organizations and the communities they serve;
  • Developing appropriate public policy position statements;
  • Recommending public policy position statements and related content to the Board;
  • Recording and organizing public policy positions approved by the Board;
  • Directing the communication of CBHC Board policy positions with coalition partners, legislators,  government officials, and related organizations and communities;
  • Updating public policy positions as facts change or new developments warrant; and
  • Sunsetting policy positions that have been resolved, or are no longer relevant to CBHC member organizations

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