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For years, Colorado has been at the forefront of innovation for designing a healthcare system that focuses on treating the whole person and embraces the philosophy that good mental health is a core component of health and wellness for everyone. In order to realize better health and wellness it is critical that health care services – whether related to mental health, physical health, or substance abuse – are integrated at the point of delivery, actively involve patients as partners in their care, and are coordinated with a robust system of other community resources. We also recognize that having a philosophy is well and good, but putting it into practice in the real world can be tough.

As early adopters of the philosophy and practice of integrated care, Colorado’s community behavioral health system has taken on the challenge, fought through the barriers, and is eager to tell the tale. These pioneers in integrated care have become the experts – building and funding comprehensive models of care supported by the infrastructure, experience, and leadership needed to deliver the highest level of care possible to the people they serve.

There is no one-size-fits-all model for integrating care right now. However, there are innovative approaches to integration happening across Colorado matched to the unique needs, resources, and diversity of our communities. Collectively, we benefit from sharing our experiences, learning from each other, and committing to the relentless pursuit of setting the standard for excellent, integrated health care.

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The CBHC Integrated Care Map is our way of telling the story of these efforts. Click the Map to view.

Since 2009, CBHC has maintained the interactive and dynamic online Integrated Care Map, pinpointing all locations where Colorado’s community behavioral health system is providing integrated primary and behavioral healthcare services. There are over 150 sites in urban, rural and frontier counties statewide represented. The Integrated Care Map is a tool for healthcare providers, provider associations, payers, policy makers, and researchers to see how the concepts and philosophy of integrated care is playing out on the front lines of care.

The CBHC Integrated Care Map incorporates the Standard Framework for Levels of Integrated Care released by the SAMHSA-HRSA Center for Integrated Solutions in 2013. Each effort listed on the map is placed on a level of integration based on this framework using the Integrated Practice Assessment Tool (IPAT).

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