Is it your organization’s goal to increase your clients’ use of Long Term Services and Supports? Engagement with trained and certified community health workers may be a critical first step in connecting clients with the range of services for which they are eligible. Many of your current case managers may be able to achieve this certification and begin providing billable Supplemental Medicaid Services quickly.

Otero Junior College is now offering certification as a community health worker through courses beginning January 27, 2014!

All courses can be completed in an on-line format with one end-of-semester class meeting. For those with prior college coursework, completion of as little as 19.5 credits of Community Health Work coursework can lead to a Community Health Worker certificate. Students can begin with either the first semester coursework or with the second semester coursework listed on the attached sheet.

Courses begin January 27, 2014!

The program is coordinated by Kaysie Schmidt. Please feel free to contact Ms. Schmidt at or (719) 384-6854, or Lavona Tyscka, Health Professions Career Coach at or (719) 384-6878 for more information about the program and the courses.

To register for these courses, contact Brad Smith at the Otero Junior College Office of Student Services at or (719) 384-6869.