SB202 Report Now Available

SB202 Report Now Available

Working Together to Win the Battle Against Substance Use Disorders

One of the state’s 10 Winnable Battles, preventing and treating SUD is a key public health priority in Colorado with good cause. The fiscal, social, and human toll of substance use is staggering. Nationally, the U.S. struggles with an economic burden from substance use exceeding $700 billion annually. In 2016, Colorado embarked on a new approach to tackling these issues by building on core evidence-based principles.

In 2016, Senate Bill 16-202 was passed by the Colorado General Assembly and signed by Gov. John Hickenlooper to improve access to SUD services within Colorado’s MSO regions. SB16-202 maximizes the reach of public dollars to meet unique local healthcare needs, without compromising accountability or transparency.

This report highlights how Colorado’s MSOs have implemented and managed improvements to the SUD system throughout the state. Healthcare is local, and our hope is that Colorado’s experience with SB16-202 will set the stage for how we address SUD and other health needs in our state moving forward. Read the entire report below:

SB202 Report