March 29, 2012

“Just as CPR can help someone save the life of a friend or neighbor, so will training in behavioral-health skills help protect people from serious mental-health issues in an increasingly stressed-out world.
That’s the plan at Mental Health First Aid Colorado, a statewide effort that combines public and private partnerships to train people in detecting emotional crises.”

-Denver Post

Mental Health First Aid and its success in Colorado were highlighted yesterday at a Press Conference held at the Colorado State Capitol.  The Governor’s Office, State Legislators and the Colorado Division of Behavioral Health spoke on behalf of the MHFA program and celebrated the recent 2012 Best Community Impact Award that MHFA Colorado will receive in Chicago next month at the National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare’s Mental Health and Addictions Conference.  Special thanks and congratulations to all of the great MHFA Colorado partners.

The Denver Post was quick to pick up the story, recognizing the impact this program can have on people’s health and on Colorado communities. 
Read the full article here. 

Thanks for being a part of the Mental Health First Aid community!  Our appreciation for your interest and support cannot be overstated.  Through your help to spread the word about this great program we will continue to keep Colorado on the leading edge. 

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