During this COVID-19 pandemic, it is crucial to consider the mental health and substance use disorder (SUD) needs of all Coloradans. Just as we needed to act proactively to flatten the first curve of the COVID-19 pandemic – to ensure that our hospitals and healthcare system were not overwhelmed, so too are we seeing the need to proactively address the fact that in the coming months and years, behavioral health services will be needed at unprecedented levels. This expected demand on the behavioral health system is what policymakers and public health researchers are calling “The Second Curve.”

Our Stance

There are many conditions in our country that are now negatively impacting our behavioral health and well-being, but two primary reasons for the unprecedented need are the COVID-19 virus itself and the economic consequences associated with the emergency public health response.

As we work to support our communities, it is critical that those in need of behavioral health services have access to it. For those already receiving services for anxiety, depression, psychosis, and other forms of mental illness or SUD, the need will be even greater as their conditions are exacerbated by the pandemic. As community behavioral health organizations prepare to flatten the mental health and addiction curve, now is the time to direct federal resources to Colorado’s behavioral health safety net system.

Take Action

Learn More About Federal Legislation to Support Behavioral Health During COVID-19

The National Council for Behavioral Health is leading the way in the requesting an additional $38.5 billion for behavioral health organizations across the country.

Check Out the Most Recent Statistics on the Second Curve

As the global pandemic continues on, a recent study by the CDC shows that the Second Curve is real and so is the need for more behavioral health services.

Related Issues

Research Behind the Second Curve

Numerous scientific sources have come out with research backing the need for more behavioral resources due to COVID-19.

Taking Care of Yourself During COVID-19

Just as we want to be sure that we flatten the Second Curve, we want to be sure that individuals have the right support now.

Find a Mental Health Center

If you are experiencing mental health or substance use issues at this time – or any time – there is a mental health center near you that can help.