CBHC's Letter to the Governor

CBHC and our member organizations are dedicated to ensuring that the people of Colorado receive the services they need and that those services are delivered in the most efficient, accountable, and transparent manner possible. Recent news coverage raised serious questions about the current state of the behavioral health system, and we are committed to working collaboratively with the state and local government agencies and consumer ally organizations to aggressively tackle the issues.

To that end, CBHC and our members have sent a letter to Governor Polis expressing our strong support for the proposal to conduct an audit of the behavioral health system. We are ready to work with the Legislative Audit Committee to ensure the people of Colorado are able to receive the care they need and deserve. Only with a comprehensive and objective examination of what is and is not working can constructive change happen.

Please read the full letter , which includes the ways CBHC is working hard to solve issues and serve the communities.