The Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council (CBHC) is the statewide membership organization for Colorado’s network of community behavioral health providers.

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CBHC member organizations contract with the State of Colorado and work together to provide comprehensive behavioral health and psychiatric services to every region of the state. CBHC members provide or contract for direct services in a wide variety of settings in hundreds of service delivery sites across the state.

CBHC provides a network of skilled therapeutic and community resources to meet the behavioral health needs of all Colorado residents and their families so that all can have equal and full access to a quality of life. Throughout Colorado, thousands of individuals, once isolated and disabled by mental health and substance abuse problems, are now leading productive, satisfying lives.

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Advocacy & Resources

The Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council (CBHC) works throughout the year with policymakers and community leaders to enhance the behavioral health system to improve the health of all Coloradans. From January to May, when Colorado’s General Assembly is in session, CBHC’s policy team evaluates each bill introduced to examine the potential impact to the community-based behavioral health system. It’s a vital part of our mission in service to our 28 members and the Coloradans they care for, but one that cannot be fulfilled without considerable support. The public positions that CBHC takes on legislation are developed with thoughtful input by members and, in some cases, reinforced by the testimony of leaders in our member organizations.

Additional Resources for Education and Advocacy

Special Projects

 Mental Health First Aid Colorado

Mental Health First Aid Colorado

 State Innovation Model (SIM)

State Innovation Model (SIM)


Shelly Spalding


The Center for Mental Health

Rick Doucet


Community Reach Center

J.C. Carrica


Southeast Health Group

Larry Pottorff


North Range Behavioral Health

Carl Clark

National Council Representative

Mental Health Center of Denver

Daniel Darting

MSO Representative

Signal Behavioral Health Network

Kiara Kuenzler

Ex-Officio Member

Jefferson Center for Mental Health

Dixie Casford

Ex-Officio Member

Mental Health Partners

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Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council Staff:

Doyle Forrestal

Chief Executive Officer

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Frank Cornelia, MS, LPC

Deputy Director & Chief Strategy Officer

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Moses Gur, MA

Director of Policy and Member Engagement

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Hannah Brady

SIM Project Coordinator

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Barbara Becker, PhD

Director, Mental Health First Aid Colorado

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Natalie Strom

Membership Services & Communications Coordinator

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Mindy Klowden, MNM

Director of Strategic Initiatives

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Paige Warren

Mental Health First Aid Liaison

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