Announcement to C-PACK Stakeholders

For immediate release: Sept. 18, 2015
The Colorado Psychiatric Access and Consultation for Kids program, or C-PACK, is excited to announce
that it will soon be expanding across new regions of the state. After a successful demonstration project
funded by the Colorado Health Foundation and managed by Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Systems,
Inc. (CBHS), leadership for C-PACK will transition to Beacon Health Options Colorado beginning January
1, 2016. C-PACK will continue to deliver quality psychiatric consultations, care connection and other
services to primary care providers treating children and adolescents with behavioral health issues.
“We are delighted that this successful project will continue to grow and deliver valuable child psychiatry
services to primary care providers across the state,” says Doyle Forrestal, Chief Executive Officer of
Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council and CBHS. “Beacon Health Options was a founding partner in CPACK
along with Colorado Access nearly four years ago, and both have been instrumental in making the
program a resounding success. We are thrilled to see this invaluable program continue.”
“Building the capacity of our primary care doctors to recognize and treat behavioral health conditions in
our state’s youth is critical to the overall health of our children,” says Lisa Clements, Ph.D., Vice
President of Transformation at Beacon Health Options Colorado. “C-PACK gives real time access to child
psychiatry expertise – a proven model that Beacon Health has managed in other states and that has now
been proven in Colorado. We are excited to continue and grow this valuable Colorado program.”
More details regarding the expansion and transition for C-PACK will be shared over the months ahead.
In the meantime, for more information, contact:

Sara Kemp, LPC
Colorado Behavioral Healthcare System, Inc.
Office: 303-832-7594, ext. 208

Lisa Clements, Ph.D.
Beacon Health Options, Colorado
Cell: 719-640-8100