Canvas the Film

Several CBHC staff and member representatives were fortunate to attend a screening of the film Canvas at the Carriage House of the Governor's Mansion on February 12, 2008.  The film, written and directed by Joseph Greco, tells the story of how a family and community are touched by the mental illness of  a mother diagnosed with schizophrenia as seen through the eyes of the 10 year old son.  Joe Pantoliano and Mary Gay Harden star while Devon Gearhart is introduced through his heartwarming portrayal of Chris.  Click here to learn more and access the film yourself.

Additionally, Joe Pantoliano has partnered with others in the entertainment industry to create No Kidding, Me Too!  No Kidding, Me Too! is a nonprofit organization comprised of entertainment industry members united in an effort to educate Americans about the epidemic related to mental illness in all forms.  Click here to learn how you too can help reduce the stigma of mental illness in America.