SummitStone Health Partners Pioneers Competency Program in Larimer County

CBHC member SummitStone Health Partners has been involved in a groundbreaking program, helping people in the community who may be struggling with behavioral health issues and are also involved in the judicial system, to navigate both at the same time and have needs met. The program has been helpful and successful for both clients and the judicial system, specifically focusing on competency restoration.

“Competency refers to the ability of a defendant to understand the charges against them and the roles of the lawyer, judges, and the court system as a whole. It ensures that a defendant’s constitutional rights for a fair trial are upheld.  We are the first community in Colorado to establish a Competency Docket and it is so incredibly important for the clients that we serve” says SummitStone Director of Forensic Services, Cali Thole.

"I am so proud of the work we are doing to uphold the rights of people in our community who need our help to understand the charges they are facing. This work continues to advance the reduction of stigma surrounding mental health and addiction issues that can lead to criminal charges and incarceration. Our hope is to streamline the process to reduce the time people spend in jail or the Colorado Mental Health Institute and provide the care they need in their local community.” says Michael Allen, SummitStone CEO.

Sady Swanson of the Fort Collins Coloradoan dove into the logistics of the new program, writing a fascinating article which you can view HERE.