Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is an international training program proven to be effective. Peer-reviewed studies show that individuals trained in the program:

  • Grow their knowledge of signs, symptoms and risk factors of mental illnesses and addictions.
  • Can identify multiple types of professional and self-help resources for individuals with a mental illness or addiction.
  • Increase their confidence in and likelihood to help an individual in distress.
  • Show increased mental wellness themselves.

There are many different MHFA modules, such as Adult MHFA, Youth MHFA, Veteran MHFA, and First Responder MHFA. The classes can also be taught in Spanish.

Our Stance

CBHC believes that mental health is just as important as physical health. Just as individuals are often trained in First Aid classes for physical health, it is important to also know how to become an intermediary when it comes to someone’s mental health. This class, supported by the National Council for Mental Wellbeing, not only teaches individuals how to interact with someone in a behavioral health crisis but also teaches them how to take care of their own mental wellness. These skills are becoming more and more relevant in today’s world and are helping to break the stigma surrounding behavioral health. CBHC believes that this evidence-based class should be accessible to all Coloradans.

Take Action

Learn more about MHFA Research

Interested in taking the course but want to know more about the research behind it? Take a peek at all the studies and research that have gone into creating this class.

Take a MHFA Class

Colorado offers classes throughout the State, many of which are paid for through grants which means no cost to you!

Become an Instructor

After you take a class, consider teaching one yourself. Trainings take place throughout the State and are also often paid for through grants. Fill out a form to find out when and where the next training is taking place.

Support our Teen Mental Health First Aid Legislative Ask

Teen Mental Health First Aid (tMHFA) educates students ages 15 - 18 on the importance of behavioral health. CBHC is asking the 2023 legislature for funding to teach 16 instructors in the state of Colorado so they can bring the curriculum to their communities.

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Find a Mental Health Center

If you are experiencing mental health or substance use issues at this time – or any time – there is a mental health center near you that can help.