Report links rates of uninsured and suicide

Dear National Council Member:


We’d like to draw your attention to an article in today’s USA Today  “Report links higher rates of uninsured and suicide,” by Marilyn Elias at


The article emphasizes a simple fact: access to quality mental health care saves and improves lives.


The National Council has responded to USA Today to raise awareness of the fact that across the country there are many organizations like yours offering treatment and support to millions of our poorest citizens right in their communities. We pointed out that community mental health organizations are critical to ensuring access — our policy makers need to provide adequate resources so you can maintain a quality workforce and provide quality healthcare to all in need.


The USA Today article is based on a study commissioned by Mental Health America on depression and suicide, ranking the states. This is a first-of-its kind study that statistically links greater access to mental health treatments and services to better depression outcomes. After the findings are formally released tomorrow, the National Council will issue a press release, which we will also share with you.


If you are interested in participating in a National Council conference call with David Shern, President & CEO of Mental Health America, to discuss the findings of this study and its impact on what you do, please let our Director of Membership, Kara Sweeney, know right away (email or call 301.984.6200, ext. 223).