Ross Szabo gets people talking about the realities of mental illness

Szabo's personal story is both powerful and educational. His candid conversation frames mental health in real life language and examples and leaves participants with a genuine understanding of a day in the life of a person living with a mental disorder. The program is a valuable tool for students looking to better understand their friends who are facing depression or mental health issues. Szabo covers warning signs that can be seen in friends or family members as well as options and resources to turn to when a friend needs help.  His program is valuable for the millions that will face some type of change, loss, and transition in their young lives.

On Monday, September 10th at 8:00pm in Student Center Dinning Room, Szabo will present "What Happy Faces are Hiding" to Students and Faculty of Regis University. For more information, contact Dr. Sally Spencer-Thomas (303.458.4323,