Substance Use Disorder Community Assessment - SB 16-202 Report

With the passage of Senate Bill 16-202, the report below was created to determine how to most effectively allocate increased funding for substance use disorder (SUD) services with Colorado’s Managed Service Organizations (MSO).   To assess community need, the Keystone Policy Center (Keystone) participated in dozens of interviews, held 10 statewide meetings, and conducted hundreds of surveys with key stakeholders to solicit feedback on the current gaps in SUD services in Colorado. This report is the first phase of the work underway with the statewide network of MSOs to develop a strategic plan that will inform the work necessary to fill gaps in the SUD continuum.

Download the report here.

You can view each region's community action plans here:
SSPA 3 - AspenPointe
SSPA 1, 2, 4 - Signal Behavioral Health
SSPA 7 - Mental Health Partners
SSPA 5, 6 - West Slope Casa