Why Diversus Health Is Partnering With a Soccer Team

Mental health isn’t something that can be ignored. From the most acute cases, to a more mild case of anxiety that can occasionally get in the way of your everyday life, it touches us all. And that’s why Diversus Health is focused on mental health and well-being, not just for clients whose mental health is on the forefront of their lives, but for every single member of their community, even those that don’t always think about it. And that’s why they’re making themselves visible, throughout their area.

Weidner Field, home of the Colorado Springs Switchback FC soccer team, opened just about a year ago. You wouldn’t normally think that a community mental health center and a soccer stadium go together, but Diversus saw it as an opportunity to show folks in the Springs what they’re all about and that they’re here for each and every one of them. Through a partnership with the team, Diversus imagery can be seen, bright and proud as soccer fans walk to their seats, or to grab a beer and snack. Diversus says, seeing the appealing, even “fun” ads at the stadium takes away the stigma. It lessens the idea that mental health is scary or embarrassing. It embraces the idea that it’s something that everyone needs to value, think about, and prioritize in their lives, the way they prioritize a trip to the gym or eating their fruits and veggies, for their physical health. It brings home the idea, that mental health is for every person and should be a part of all our lives.