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Pre-Conference: Mental Health First Aid of the Rockies Summit Overview
MHFA Breakout Session: Cultural Considerations for Delivering MHFA:
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Pre-Conference: Reframing for Innovation: Exploring More Robust Responses to Poverty Through Multiple Perspectives

Pre-Conference: Humanizing the Patient Experience to Build Customer Loyalty and Financial Stability
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#101 – Phase-Based Care in Community Mental Health: Innovation to Reduce Wait Time and Improve Outcomes

#102 – Enabling Middle-Management (and Your Organization) to Thrive Through Utilization of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Tools

#103 – Aurora Mental Health Center First Episode Psychosis (FEP)

#104 – Updates on Telehealth Laws and Reimbursements

#105/205 – The Neurobiology of Traumatic Stress and the Healing Power of Yoga

#200 – Becoming a Transformed Behavioral Health Provider: How to Feel Comfortable Serving Asian Communities in Clinical Work

#201 – Collaborative Healthcare Innovation: Putting the Cart Before the Horse

#202 – Thriving with Managed Care: Organizational Competencies & Best Practices for Succeeding

#206 – OBH Contracting Updates

#300 – Connecting Heads and Hearts to Engage Employees: Leadership Responsibilities in Driving Culture

#301 – The Tale of Two Campaigns: How Larimer County Won at the Ballot Box

#302 – Succeeding With Value-Based Reimbursement: Organizational Competencies & Management Practices for Value-Based Contracting

#303 – Putting Prevention to Work: A Health Equity Approach to Reimagining Colorado’s Substance Use Disorder Primary Prevention Systems

#304 – Behavioral Health and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Moving Beyond Labels and Anxiety to Effective Care
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#305 – The Value of a Facility Dog: Demonstrating Impact for Clients and Staff in a Trauma Treatment Clinic

#400 – Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast: How HR and Diversity and Inclusiveness Work Together to Create a Top Workplace

#401 – Counseling in Spanish and English: Phenomenological Experiences of Bilingual Counselors

#402 – Queering Recovery: Bringing Inclusion and Intersectionality to the Forefront

#403 – Blocking Subpoenas:  How to Keep Mental Health Clinicians Treating, Not Testifying

#404 – Tax Reform Impact to Non-Profits & New Accounting Standards

#405 – Got Infant Mental Health? How the ‘Right Start for Colorado’ Initiative Supports Colorado’s Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health Workforce
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#500 – How the Toyota Production System Shaped Juvenile Justice Reform in Longmont
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#501 – Lessons Learned in the LEAD/Angel Program

#502 – Hunger in Colorado and the Impacts on Mental Health, Health, and Suicide

#503 – Everything You Wanted to Know About Transgender (But Were Afraid to Ask…)

#504 – The Psychology of Fraud and Stupid Human Tricks: Is You Cybersecurity Team Ready?

#505 – Implementing Acudetox in the Community Behavioral Health Organization Setting
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#600 – Health First Colorado’s SUD Benefit: Medicaid Coverage for Inpatient and Residential Treatment

#601 – A Story of Implementing a Family-Centered, Co-Occurring Residential Program
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#602 – Applying Trauma-Informed Approaches to Victims of Human Trafficking

#603 – Confidentiality Laws and Coordinated Care: Avoiding Legal Hazards in an Era of Big Data and Rapid Care Integration

#604 – Building a Strong Board
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#605 – Using Data Dashboards for Tracking Medicaid Encounters & Other Complex Data Analysis

#700 – Aurora Research Institute’s Cost-Benefit Analysis: Framework and Case Examples

#702 – Innovation and the Expansion of Opioid Use Disorder Treatment in Colorado

#703 – Culture First: Creating an Exceptional Onboarding Experience